Friday, November 14, 2008


first of all yesterday I when to some friends house they don't have a farm farm but they have chickens and a horse and some goats. IT WAS GREAT it was awesome playing with them and with the chickens. After that we went to a area to see tons of butter flies....... so many they looked like the leaves of trees.

today some friends came over to have breakfast.

P.S. Sorry I was not able to get picture i told you i would get I'm missing my cam after my dad had it and can not download them at this time.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


We went to a beach call shell beach Tuesday.
I wasn't a sandy beach it had caves and lots of rocks.
there in the rocks was an octopus which someone else and us being me and dad captured.
It was about a foot long from tenticale to tentacale if it wanted to be but most of the time it curled up in to a ball and changed colors to hid. When we finaly grabed inked shooting ink out of the box it was in and aboujt 3 feet away. it was fun....

also i cut my leg after falling of a rock at the beach and got a cut half the way down my lowwer leg.
AND... found some cool rock,shells and crab bits.
I will get pics soon.( i will post in next blog most likly tomorrow.)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sorry to have not posted FOREVER I'm very busy.....and forgetful.
Any ways here is some poems....i made them.

1: I climbed up a very large tree.
To be attacked by a very mean bee.
It was very yellow.
not a friendly fellow.
it decided it ought to sting me.

2: i once had a cat named socks.
With a head all full-o-rocks.
he went to a lake.
then ate a cake.
then came back to sleep in a box.

3:there once was a very mean cat.
who tried to tear up my hat.
i whipped out a hose.
sprayed him on the nose.
to watch him run away like a rat.

How do you like them please comment.