Monday, September 29, 2008


I'm no longer bored after going to the mall checking out a gaming store.
Didn't play the game i like very much.( Mechwarrior clicks)
Also i learned that that game is going out of business after the prizes stopped.
I would play without prizes its so fun but I'm scared of whats happening in Ohio when i go back i don't want to see Mechwarrior gone i had so many Friends there and half Friends.
BY THE WAY!!! If you want to check out Mechwarrior go to
or for a even better (to me) game which if for geeky people like me.
check out BATTLE TECH.

Slow days

The days here are becoming all the same.
I miss going to play board games with my best freinds ever saterday.

Sorry nothing new to post.

Friday, September 19, 2008

HD on youtube

OK this is a cool trick if your watching something you tube type &fmt=18 in the address bar.
click on these link to see it in action oh and it white and nerdy if you don't want to watch it then do something else....... anyways here are the two links. not HD in HD
tell me what you think of the trick.

OK maybe not HD but it does look better.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I when hiking with some friends.
The hike was about a 3/4 of a hour.
Me and some other kids ran up to a cliff.
The adults told us to get away from the edge.....don't see why it was only
a 2 foot drop. I when back along with the kids but we found a cool fort.
The fort was where there was a lot of trees and was very hard to get into but had a clearing in The center. There was only one place to come in and out of. Some one there found a cool root i looked like a jumping king cat.
lots of stick, lots of lizards, and lots of singing birds.

sorry no pics didn't bring a cam.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Super winds

A hurricane in Ohio.

In Ohio where my brother is, they have had winds up to 70 mph and gusts of wing up to 110 mph.

I want to be there that sounds fun as long as there is nothing to fall on top of you.

that's the light side here is the dark side.

my grandparents' house is damaged. no energy. no water. blocked roads and lots of money to fix the house. 2,000,000 people without power. The governor has declared a state of emergency.
Grammy can't even flush the toilet.

Friday, September 12, 2008


I have seen this I think its realy cool.
Its called the L.H.C. its a atom smasher.
It spins protons at a speed of over 99.99% of the speed of light.
here is a link for the L.H.C. rap.
After you see it, tell me what you think.
Hi this is my frist post..... ever.
I learned that my cat does not like my webcam.
After three pics.
By the way just becuase my blog it of DOOOM!!! Does not mean it evil.
Sorry to make this post so short.