Thursday, October 16, 2008


Ok Ok im sorry not to post........ for about 3 weeks i just got busy/bored.
Here is what happen if you have any questions just ask.
Went to a farm yester day.
Saw so goats fight with each other.
When into a hay maze no clue how i got out.
Picked a pumkin.
Played with friends.
Ate about 1 pound of ice cream.
Went on a hayride.And saw tons of animails.
If you have any question or any thing you would like to hear in detail just leave a comment.


Kaber said...

You should add pictures to your blog.
and remember- being bored is a decision. You can choose to enjoy your life daily or choose to always want something more fun and exciting- which leves you feeling bored.

Heat_Signature said...

OK, if you want to find out what metal is, look up Threat Signal on YouTube.

And no, contrary to some people's beliefs, NOT ALL metal is like 'ooh, let's go commit suicide' or 'I like the devil'


but seriously, check it out(Threat Signal, or Cry Of The Afflicted)

Stacie said...

I saw the pictures of your pumpkin patch adventure on your mom's blog. There was a greenish glow in the hay maze. I thought maybe you were being visited by aliens.

Sherwin and Betty said...

So what kind of ice cream did you have? You know how much Pappy Terrill loves ice cream. I like mine in a milk shake. Love. Grammy

dibsy said...

that's...nice to know...

katjandu said...

Wow you were busy there at the farm. I'm glad you posted. It keeps me up to date with you and your life.
I too need to post, I haven't done so in a week. Too busy! I can't imagine being bored.
What are you going to do with your pumpkin?
How do they make a hay maze? Is it like a corn maze?
I like ice cream but can't eat too much. My favorite sundae is: buttercrunch ice cream, caramel topping, toasted sliced almonds, with whipped cream and a cherry on top.
Papa and I usually have a scoop of frozen yogurt at bedtime, we are enjoying peach flavor lately.