Monday, November 3, 2008

Sorry to have not posted FOREVER I'm very busy.....and forgetful.
Any ways here is some poems....i made them.

1: I climbed up a very large tree.
To be attacked by a very mean bee.
It was very yellow.
not a friendly fellow.
it decided it ought to sting me.

2: i once had a cat named socks.
With a head all full-o-rocks.
he went to a lake.
then ate a cake.
then came back to sleep in a box.

3:there once was a very mean cat.
who tried to tear up my hat.
i whipped out a hose.
sprayed him on the nose.
to watch him run away like a rat.

How do you like them please comment.


Kaber said...

very good and very 'very' (at least the 1st one was very 'very')

And congrats on your Physics Test!

katjandu said...

Congrats on your Physics Test! Hey I like those limmericks. You have a knack for them just like your mom. Great minds think alike!