Friday, September 12, 2008


I have seen this I think its realy cool.
Its called the L.H.C. its a atom smasher.
It spins protons at a speed of over 99.99% of the speed of light.
here is a link for the L.H.C. rap.
After you see it, tell me what you think.


Gavin's blog of DOOOM!!! said...

I think it can diprove the big bang! Some people say i dont like it becuase its about the big bang.
well it can disprove it but not prove it.

Kaber said...

That's interesting. They are trying to find something that explains the Big Bang, but in doing so they could very well prove that their current theory just doesn't hold true. They are already admitting that maybe it didn't happen like they originally thought.

katjandu said...

Okay I listened to the rap. I agree they disproved the big bang and they seem to be seeking what holds us all together.. Hmmm maybe they are seekers.

Simply Me. S. said...

HaHa. My science teacher showed us the same video.

That's pretty cool. But I thought you couldn't do anything at the speed of light, becasue it just turns into energy? Hm. Oh wait those are atoms. Ok makes sense.

Gavin's blog of DOOOM!!! said...

they can't get it to go the speed of light instead it makes more matter and anti matter.