Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I when hiking with some friends.
The hike was about a 3/4 of a hour.
Me and some other kids ran up to a cliff.
The adults told us to get away from the edge.....don't see why it was only
a 2 foot drop. I when back along with the kids but we found a cool fort.
The fort was where there was a lot of trees and was very hard to get into but had a clearing in The center. There was only one place to come in and out of. Some one there found a cool root i looked like a jumping king cat.
lots of stick, lots of lizards, and lots of singing birds.

sorry no pics didn't bring a cam.


Kaber said...

WOW, what does a jumping King Cat look like??

Glad you had fun Gavin. I was busy riding my bike for almost 2 hours while you were hiking and having lunch on the beach.

Stacie said...

That does sound like a fun hike. Too bad you didn't bring a camara. The fort sounds neat. Is a king cat a cat with a crown?

Gavin's blog of DOOOM!!! said...

yes a king cat is a cat with a crown the cat was missing a leg but it was still so close to a jumping king cat.

katjandu said...

Wow Gavin sounds like you had a great time. What kinds of lizards, Papa wants to know.
I'm glad your mom asked you what a jumping king cat looked like. I wanted to know that myself.

Heat_Signature said...

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Julie said...

My boys would have loved to have joined you!!!