Monday, September 15, 2008

Super winds

A hurricane in Ohio.

In Ohio where my brother is, they have had winds up to 70 mph and gusts of wing up to 110 mph.

I want to be there that sounds fun as long as there is nothing to fall on top of you.

that's the light side here is the dark side.

my grandparents' house is damaged. no energy. no water. blocked roads and lots of money to fix the house. 2,000,000 people without power. The governor has declared a state of emergency.
Grammy can't even flush the toilet.


Stacie said...

Gavin...Wow, that is some damage! I'm glad Ki and your dad and grandparents are safe.

We had lots of wind last night, but not as bad as Ohio! My husband works for our local power company and he said we have 3,000 people without power in his service territory. Nothing compared to 2,000,000!

Oh, I'm an online friend of your mom's.

Kaber said...

it's shocking how much damage Hurricane Ike did all the way up in Ohio. your little brother may not have electricity on his birthday!

Julie said...

Wow, what a mess. I hope they get their power and water back soon!

Life at the Lake said...

Hi Gavin,
I found your blog through your Mom's after she commented on mine : ) I am glad your family is safe after the storm. You are doing a great job on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Trees on the road and most of the tree behind the house have been removed. The yard is still a mess where it smashed the flowers, Pappy's dutchmen's pipe (the vine over the benches above the walkway) and several small trees. - Dad