Friday, September 19, 2008

HD on youtube

OK this is a cool trick if your watching something you tube type &fmt=18 in the address bar.
click on these link to see it in action oh and it white and nerdy if you don't want to watch it then do something else....... anyways here are the two links. not HD in HD
tell me what you think of the trick.

OK maybe not HD but it does look better.


Kaber said...

I played both at the same time and coule tell the difference. Thanks for sharing that tip.


Heat_Signature said...

Pretty sweet! White N' Nerdy rulz by the way. I got a new post. Do You have any Idea of how I could get more people to look at my blog? I'm asking because you're the only dude I know of here.

Kaber said...

I'll ask my blogging friends to let me know if their kids have blogs and I'll pass them onto you.
remmber- the best way to get notes is read and comment on other people's blogs.

Kaber said...

Gavin- here is the blog of a 10 yr old boy, if you're interested-

Simply Me. S. said...

Dude, all you have to do is click on: watch in high quality!

Gavin's blog of DOOOM!!! said...

thanks for the commenting
The link i posted didn't have a high quality ... does it? i dont know im not good at finding things.