Monday, September 29, 2008

Slow days

The days here are becoming all the same.
I miss going to play board games with my best freinds ever saterday.

Sorry nothing new to post.


Heat_Signature said...

I totally got that. Why've you been offline for a week? I've been in and out of this place and for a while it was like nobody was online at all.
The Weird part was that you were offline in exact coordination with three other people.

Anyway, the music player. Yeah, you just go to and you can put it together and post right to your blog.

Kaber said...
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Kaber said...

I miss playing games with my friends on Fridays or Saturdays. I miss Krystal Keep. How about we walk to the mall today and ask about what kind of gaming they have in their game store. Then you can help me with a few of the new succulents.

Kaber said...

don't forget- You and Conor bth had cold last week and we didn't do much for that reason.