Monday, September 29, 2008


I'm no longer bored after going to the mall checking out a gaming store.
Didn't play the game i like very much.( Mechwarrior clicks)
Also i learned that that game is going out of business after the prizes stopped.
I would play without prizes its so fun but I'm scared of whats happening in Ohio when i go back i don't want to see Mechwarrior gone i had so many Friends there and half Friends.
BY THE WAY!!! If you want to check out Mechwarrior go to
or for a even better (to me) game which if for geeky people like me.
check out BATTLE TECH.


katjandu said...

I love Geeky

Kaber said...

you forgot about the chinese food, fruit smoothie and meeting new homeschoolers... And digging plants out of the back yard.

Are Half Friends like Halflings?